Where to begin?

The first stage is analysis 👉 fix single open. First you need to get acquainted with competitors – colleagues in the sector who are dealing with the same issues and already have channels in Telegram.

What and how often do they write in their channels? How many of them and how many people subscribed to them? What format is used: blog or news? Are they popular? For starters, NGOs are tedious to answer these questions.

You can search in Telegram or use statistics services: Telegram Analytics (free) and Popsters (300 rubles per month). The second service matches the number of views to the type of posts: which posts are read more, what is the optimal text length, etc.

Based on this information, the NPO proceeds to the second stage – planning. First you need to get the big picture.

Choose a main topic and directions within it. You can make a large list of topics, and then adjust them based on the interests of the audience.
Decide on the main types of publications: texts, photos, videos, voice messages: what is the resource for.
Choose formats: opinions, selections, articles, news, interviews/quotes. You can collect feedback: let the audience tell what they are interested in.
Decide what will be the uniqueness of the channel. It should differ not only from the channels of competitors, but also from the content of the NPO itself in other social networks.
The third stage is a detailed content plan. This is a publication plan with release dates, the choice of responsible employees for the preparation of materials and deadlines.