Voice networks: comparing Clubhouse, Stereo and Telegram voice chats

In recent months, several social networks have been gaining popularity in Russia and the world, in which the main method of communication is not text or an image, but voice. RBC tried to compare Clubhouse, voice chats in Telegram and the Stereo service.

Since February, Clubhouse, a new social network focused on audio communications, has begun to gain popularity around the world. As of February 24, its audience in Russia was 345 thousand users (for comparison: on February 10 it had 7.7 thousand users), RBC was told in the research company AppAnnie. Somewhat earlier, at the end of December, the ability to create voice chats appeared in the Telegram messenger. Stereo, a social network with a “voice”, was also created by the billionaire creator of the Badoo service: on Thursday, February 25, he announced its launch in Russia.

All three platforms are designed for fans of podcasts, radio or voice communication.

club house

Developer: US-registered Alpha Exploatation Co. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Paul Davison and Rogan Seth.

Who can use the service: owners of iOS devices.

Number of users: 10.5 million (according to AppAnnie).

Limits on the number of participants in chats: 5 thousand people.

Features: you can join the social network only if you have an invitation from existing users; service rules prohibit recording conversations; chats are deleted immediately after the end of the conversation; there is no way to forward text messages on the platform.

Monetization: the platform model has not yet been officially announced. But users have learned how to earn – fees for chat moderation and advertising integration.

Famous users: Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, businessman Oleg Tinkov in Russia, Yandex head Tigran Khudaverdyan, Mail.ru Group co-founder Dmitry Grishin, blogger Ilya Varlamov and others.


Developer: British Virgin Islands-registered Telegram Group Inc. Pavel and Nikolai Durov.

Who can use the service: owners of devices on iOS, Android, and Windows (in the web version).

Number of users: 50 million, according to a RBC source close to Telegram.

Limits on the number of participants in chats: 5 thousand people.

Features: initially, the service developed as a messenger with the ability to send messages with increased security requirements.

Monetization: Not currently. The owners intend to launch advertising in channels using the Telegram ad exchange, a marketplace for selling goods, and also sell paid stickers; develop services for corporate clients.

Known Users: No data.


Developer: UK registered Stereo App Ltd. Andrey Andreev, former owner of MagicLab holding (combines online dating services Badoo, Bumble, Chappy and Lumen).

Who can use the service: owners of iOS and Android devices.

Number of users: more than 2 million, according to the owner of the service.

Restrictions on the number of participants in chats: no.

Features: conversations are conducted live, you need an interlocutor to start a conversation; there is a limit on the talk time – 16 hours a day; you can record the broadcast and send the recording to other applications, process, overlay music; you can create personalized avatars; listeners can leave audio comments; the service keeps track of the most interesting shows and the best authors and directs the audience to them.

Monetization: listeners can transfer donations to speakers. For the highest number of subscribers / views, you can get a cash reward.

Famous users: journalist Ksenia Sobchak, writer Sergei Minaev, stand-up comedian Ilya Sobolev and blogger Hussein Gasanov.